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Ahlbeck & Company

Ahlbeck & Company is a certified public accounting and business advisory firm serving the greater Chicagoland area. Founded in 1962, we serve clients in diverse industries from manufacturing and distribution to professional services. With a strong focus on not-for-profits and construction contractors, our professional expertise also extends to estates and trusts, employee benefit plans and tax filings for individuals and businesses.

We are committed to our clients and take a unique approach in serving their needs. Addressing our clients' accounting, tax and financial reporting needs is our primary focus, but our professionals take this responsibility to the next level. We realize the importance of our clients understanding the financial statements to interpret results so they can proactively identify potential issues or opportunities.

We work with our clients to “move the accounting process forward” to
optimize their company’s performance. This approach focuses on key
performance indicators that impact profitability and cash flow. Analysis of these financial drivers and historical trends can indicate where operational strengths and weaknesses exist. This provides valuable information in making decisions to improve financial and operating results. The goal is to use the accounting process as a tool for our clients to become more informed decision-makers with a greater awareness of potential problems or opportunities. This gives clients the edge to successfully manage their business.

This proactive approach goes beyond reporting accuracy and compliance. Ahlbeck & Company believes strategic planning, analysis and a focus on communication increase the opportunity to drive profitability and improve business performance. This approach, supported by our technical expertise and experience, allows us to act as a partner and advisor to each of our clients. Almost any accounting firm can provide compliance work, but Ahlbeck & Company invests the time to understand your needs, goals and challenges. It is this personal approach that “makes the difference.”

Providing exceptional service is a promise we take personally. Our focus on continuing professional education, cutting-edge computer technology, industry specialization and development of highly qualified professionals allows us to provide solutions and direction in addressing the needs of our clients, providing genuine value for their future success.