The Collierville Law Firm

Our lawyers aim to help you through a difficult time and resolve your legal issues as quickly as possible. Call The Collierville Law Firm for a consultation. The events that draw people into the legal system are often painful and challenging. If you are dealing with criminal charges, or an injury, you need a lawyer who will help you overcome the frustrations associated with your case. When you work with The Collierville Law Firm, you shift your legal burden to our knowledgeable attorneys. We are problem solvers We aim to help you through your difficult time and resolve your legal issues as efficiently as possible. When snags arise, we work diligently to keep our clients’ cases on track. We know that people seek legal counsel when something is broken, whether it be their families, their bodies or their finances. Our job is to figure out how to put things back together for you. Our principal attorney, William L. Hagan III, founded our firm in 1996 with the goal of lending a strong, steady hand to members of the Collierville community. Ours is not a volume practice. We do not take every client who walks in the door; we take every client we can truly help.

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