Personal Computer Support

Doylestown - PA

Zipcode : 18902

Home Computer Support in-home support is offered to those who prefer their PC stay in their home. All tools and software needed to fix your PC will be brought to your home. Many problems can be fixed this way, in your home, but some may require a stay in the shop. Consider the shop a hospital, in a sense, for your ailing PC. On-site Business Support When you call with a problem, you want a voice at the other end. If an answer cannot be found in a timely fashion, after having talked you through it, a service call will be set up to provide on-site help. PC Support includes everything within the computer box itself. This includes hard drive, disk drives, network, sound and all peripheral cards. A technician will be dispatched as soon as possible. Support costs are billed at an hourly rate. Service contracts can be set up to help budget your on-site IT costs. Please call for further information. Off-Site Business Support Imagine one morning, you walk into your business and your PC is doing something you would not expect it to normally be doing. You make a phone call and one of our technicians will ask you all the pertinent questions to isolate the problem or problems. If the problem cannot be repaired over the phone, a technician will be dispatched. Programs such as VNC and Symantec PC Anywhere allow us to remotely access your computer, with your permission, to aid in finding and solving problems. It is like a technician is there, without actually being there.

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